Alexander Ekman is an internationally renowned choreographer and ballet dancer. When the art museum Artipelag presented his latest artwork Vanmakt, they asked Sweet to spread the word. We launched an integrated campaign to invite all of Stockholm to take part of the grand experience.

Vanmakt is a spatially choreographed visual work of art that involves the viewers in a sequence of events – and asks them to reflect on themes such as power, weakness, and social hierarchies. The installation was made possible with support from Micael Bindefeld’s Foundation in memory of the Holocaust; an initiative with the purpose to support those who have a desire to communicate, provide information, illustrate, or otherwise convey knowledge to a wider audience in Sweden of stories from the Holocaust.


We aimed to communicate Alexander Ekman’s vision and interpret his message through traditional advertising. We drew inspiration from the installation and used elements from it, such as withering flowers, to tie the marketing to the exhibition. Black calla lilies were placed in plexiglass boxes, left to wither, and the process symbolized life and death, both central themes in Vanmakt. The campaign ran on social media, in selected art magazines, as outdoor advertising, on a branded bus, and throughout the Stockholm subway system.