Klimio - A Hot Take on Sustainable Living

Getting a new heat pump can seem complicated. What might feel like a big mountain to climb turns into a walk in the park with Klimio. Their committed coworkers make the transition easy, assisting customers with personal service every step of the way. Given the task of updating the Klimio brand, Sweet created a visual identity inspired by their cool sustainability focus and warm company culture.

The process is hassle-free; you explain your case to one of Klimio’s experts over a digital meeting before getting the price estimate. They match you with the most compatible and cost-efficient option, making it easy for everyone to switch to a cheaper and greener heating alternative.

We aimed to make the exceptionally service-minded mentality shine through in the visual identity. We designed a color palette that communicates a friendly, reliable brand and typography that talks trust. The logo imitates radiating energy and the customized gradient was inspired by thermal cameras with warm yellow, orange, blue, and purple hues.