Europarunt - Clash of the Twitter Trains

What started as a real-time campaign on Twitter turned into an award-winning concept that ran on social media, in digital channels, and print.

Europarunt is a platform where travelers go to find information, inspiration and Interrail passes. This year marks fifty years since the very first Interrail pass was sold. For half a decade it has been a ticket to new destinations, friends, and cultures. To expanded horizons and more open minds.

When the Sweden Democrat Tobias Andersson shared a controversial tweet regarding a subway car covered in the party’s logo, we saw an opportunity for Europarunt to join the conversation. On Tuesday, August 16, Tobias posted a picture of a the subway car along with the words ”Welcome to the return migration train. You hold a one-way ticket. Next stop, Kabul!”.

The next day, we published an almost identical tweet from Europarunt’s account, with a very different message. The tweet read "Welcome to the Europarunt train. You hold an Interrail pass. Next stop, cultural exchange, diversity, and peace! For 50 years, Interrail has stood for unlimited travel in 33 countries and promotes openness, freedom, and tolerance.” The text was accompanied by a photo depicting one of Snälltåget's cars dressed in the advertisement for Interrail's 50th anniversary.


Our goal was to communicate the client’s core values in a way that would stop people in their tracks. As a bonus, we were given the opportunity to draw attention to Interrail’s 50th anniversary. The campaign was born on Twitter but also lived on both Facebook and Instagram. For everyone who’s not on social media, it was printed in Svenska Dagbladet.

Sweet has worked with SilverRail Technologies since 2015. The pandemic hit the train travel industry hard and Europarunt was no exception. We are proud to be back on sales numbers matching the record-breaking year 2019 and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

The campaign was awarded first place in the international travel competition hosted by the European Travel Commission.