CAG - Happy Last Year!

Imagine you just had the best year of your life. How would you tell the story? The IT consultant company CAG came to Sweet for help. We produced their annual report filled with great numbers in a colorful, light, and easily digested manner with lots of photos and white space. Digital, interactive, visually pleasing, and easy to share.

An annual report is more than just numbers and graphs. It’s a branding piece that helps people better understand the company. Besides informing stakeholders and investors, the report turns to employees and new talent. In an industry where the competition over new employees is exceptional, it’s important to accentuate values such as sustainability, meaningfulness, and work-life balance.

We interviewed employees as well as CEOs to get a clear and nuanced picture of what life’s like at CAG. We talked to the founder about the company’s rich legacy and created storytelling around it. We dug deep into the company’s core and highlighted all the meaningful work they do, from strengthening Sweden’s cyber defense to simplifying payments in all Nordic countries.