CAG - Leading technology. Lasting impact.

CAG is a consulting group at the forefront of digital innovation. Everything about the company seemed to be in perfect shape, except their brand identity, which did not match the personality or leading position in the market. They asked Sweet for a complete rebranding to bring the visual and verbal expression up to speed. CAG consists of ten independent subsidiaries, and our challenge was to create an identity to unite them all.

We set out to refresh the look and feel without losing touch with the brand’s strong legacy. Another part of the brief was to make CAG the top choice for job-hunting coders. We gathered the ten CEOs for a brand sprint, to help them crystallize a new strategy and pave the way forward. From the brand sprint, we understood what CAG’s success is built on: people. The coworkers are all experts within their fields, and the company culture is warm and welcoming.

Based on this insight, we created a concept that strikes the balance between corporate and personal. With its organic shapes and distinct personality, the new logo better reflects CAG as a brand. The same thing is true for the change of tonality, which became a little warmer and more casual. Our design team also created a custom gradient to mirror the company’s wide spectrum of expertise, with a palette that pops and breaks the industry pattern.

We redesigned everything from the logo to the website, stationery, presentation materials and templates, folders, clothes, and graphic guidelines – with a concept that was easy to adjust for different channels. As the cherry on top, we branded the company’s sailing boat just in time for Gotland Runt.

The new logo and identity were first shown at CAG’s biggest event of the year, a summer night at TAK in Stockholm. We produced a reveal video for the celebration, where our motion design and editing skills came in handy. In addition, we created an HR film with the purpose to help CAG find new talent and invite people to become part of the big tech family.